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Leadership Grounded In Action

I am determined to improve our community and I always have the best interests of those around me at heart. Between running a business, raising a family and being a reliable neighbour, I have experienced time and time again what it means to lead by example and the positive effects of working together as a community. 

As your next Ward 3 Councilor, my goal will be to address ongoing issues, expand our tax base and improve our existing amenities, which can all help propel our beautiful city into new heights. It’s time to reshape Sault Ste. Marie into a truly amazing place to live – you can count on me to take the action necessary to get things done!

A Little
About Me…

Sault Ste. Marie is my home, and has been for the majority of my life. I live with my wife and three children, and it is my goal to make this city better for them – and you. 

As the CEO of Odd Job Jacks, I am passionate about providing essential services around the city, but also giving people the opportunity for quality employment and becoming more involved in their community. When I’m not at work, I love taking advantage of the Sault’s natural outdoor beauty by canoeing, mountain biking, hiking – you name it!

I have always been interested in economics, business and politics, and know that there is no downside to constantly trying to improve my knowledge base to help those around me. I will always speak up for our city and do everything I can to make the Sault a better place to live.

My Priorities

Bring Our City Back to Life

I know first-hand that our city doesn’t just come alive in the summer. Sault Ste. Marie is a truly unique city, and can be experienced in countless new ways twelve months a year! Venues like The Pavillion, The Bandshell, Bellevue Park, GFL Memorial Gardens and more are being used scarcely, yet have the potential to drive tourism and revenue back into our economy on a year-round basis.

With the help of improved budgets and donations, strategic partnerships with nonprofits and good old-fashioned manpower, the various amenities that lay dormant for the majority of the year can be filled with local activities and vendors, and truly come alive again. My goal is to revive Sault Ste. Marie back into the vibrant place we all know it can be, and to show visitors just how strong we are

Address Ongoing Crises

Taking care of our community, especially those who are most vulnerable, is one of my top priorities, because we are stronger when we work together. I will open up the conversations surrounding important ongoing issues in our city, including:

Mental health




And many more

Managing issues like these can’t always be overcome solely on a municipal level, but it is important that we do what we can to help. That’s what community is all about: lifting each other up when we need it the most.  

In addition to helping the members of our community, our city’s appearance also needs a serious overhaul. Spearheading initiatives such as graffiti control, litter clean-up, needle disposal and enforcing property standards and infrastructure repairs all desperately need to be top priorities. The families and businesses of Sault Ste. Marie deserve a clean and safe city!

Finish What We Started

There have already been projects underway to improve our city’s infrastructure, which is a promising start. However, many of these projects have been unfinished for years… Our city has already poured immeasurable labour, money and time into ongoing developments – letting them lay incomplete for years is illogical. Finishing these investments will ensure our efforts are not going to waste, and will also make our city more functional, enjoyable and profitable, for both our current and future residents. 

In regards to finishing city projects, some of my top priorities include:

Hubtrail expansions and connecting links

Mountain bike trail expansions

The revitalization of Spring St, Bay St, Mill Market, Queen St. and The Plaza

New and improved bike lanes

These projects are vital to improving our city – let’s get to work on finishing what we started.